100 Pack Break NBA - 5 Rookie Classes

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Blunt brings you the warm up for the annual 100 Box Break, with a cheeky 100 Pack Break from 5 Different Rookie Classes! Each spot you buy in this break will get you a Random Team all 100 Packs are opened and any cards that come out for your team go to you. All cards are included, including base cards. All Hits are Sleeved and Toploaded. Shipping is not included in this break, please read the information here about our postage system https://www.bluntcollections.com.au/products/mail-day

The products for this break include the following totalling 100 Packs, this break should take roughly 1.5 hours, will break the same day it fills, we break LIVE on Twitch.tv/bluntcollectionsau

Product QTY
1993-94 Topps Basketball Series 2 Pack pack
1993-94 Fleer Basketball Series 2 Pack pack
2018-19 Donruss Blaster Pack pack
2019-20 Donruss Clearly Hobby Pack pack
2019-20 NBA Hoops Premium Mega 10 packs
2019-20 Status Hobby Box 10 packs
2020-21 Donruss Tmall Packs packs
2020-21 Illusions Hobby Box 14 packs
2020-21 Mosaic Blaster 16 packs
2020-21 NBA Hoops Tmall Packs packs
2020-21 Recon Hobby 10 packs
2020-21 Revolution Tmall Packs packs
2021-22 Hoops Hobby Box 24 packs