20/21 Immaculate NBA Random Serial Number Group Break

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We will be opening one Box of 20/21 Immaculate NBA LIVE on Twitch. This Break is a Random Serial Number Break - Immaculate NBA Boxes Contain 6 Cards, All of which will have be numbered out of /99 or lower. For each spot you purchase you will get 2 Spots in this Break, your name will go onto a list which will be Randomised 8 Times to create a new list. We will also randomise a list with numbers 1-99 and a Blunt Collections Multi Sport Repack to make up the 100th spot, this list will also be Randomised 8 times to create a list. The Randomised lists are then put next to each other and your name will line up to a number for example Jamie ended up with numbers 4 and 77 if any cards come out numbered 4/10, 4/25, 4/99 anything with a single 4 infront go to Jamie, same thing 77/99 goes to Jamie. 

All Cards will be one touched.