EPL Prizm Hobby PYT Group Break

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1 x EPL Prizm Hobby Box

20 Team Pick Your Team Break

All Card Included, Including Base! 

Each box contains 1 Autograph, 5 numbered prizms, 1 silver prizm, 10 additional prizms and 6 insert card on average.

Prizm Premier League offers a variety of inserts to collect! Colour Blast, Fireworks, and Emergent lead the group of inserts that highlight highly collectible footballers, while the Stadiums and Team Logos inserts commemorate each club’s most iconic symbols!

Hobby packs of 2020-21 Prizm Premier League will contain plenty of autograph cards to chase. Hunt for authentic signature cards of some of the greatest stars of the Premier League today, as well as of many Premier League heroes of the past! There are even some special Dual Signatures cards that will be especially difficult to find!

Prizm Premier League will once again be the home of Panini’s soccer Kaboom! cards for 2020-21. These colourful illustrations of only the very best players are one-of-a-kind collectibles!