The Mamba Random Team Group Break

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Here it is!! 🙌🔥🤯🤯
1 in 30 Chance at a Kobe Bryant Patch Auto /49!! 🙌🙌

10 Hobby Boxes, 3 Different Rookie Years!

2 x 21/22 Court Kings Hobby Boxes

2 x 21/22 Revolution Hobby Boxes

1 x 21/22 Origins Hobby Box

1 x 21/22 Crown Royale Hobby Box

1 x 21/22 Origins Hobby Box

1 x 20/21 Chronicles Hobby Box

1 x 20/21 FLUX Hobby Box

1 x 20/21 Illusions Hobby Box

1 x 19/20 Chroniclea Hobby Box

Orlando Magic Automatically Get an Autographed Cole Anthony Jersey! 💥

The Kobe Bryant will be given away LIVE on stream via
Spinny Wheel Giveaway, all names will be entered into the list, list will be shuffled 8 times and Wheel will be spun once, whoever the wheel lands on will win the Kobe Bryant Gold Standard Patch Auto /49 💜💛💜

All Cards are included including Base, all Rookies, Inserts and hits will be sleeved and/or toploaded.

We Break LIVE on Twitch TV this will Break Break its full. 

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