Trick Or Treat 13 Box Break - With Bonus Repacks

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You Won't, You're Scared!! If you've ever thought about jumping in a Break or you're one of our regulars, this is the Monster you want to be in!!

13 Boxes of Sealed NBA Product Including a Hoop Dreams Autographed Mystery Jersey from the Boys at Ankle Breakers Collective

30 Spots $180 Per Spot Random Team Group Break

Boxes include

1 x Ankle Breakers Hoop Nightmares Mystery Jersey Spinny Wheel Giveaway
3 x 19/20 Hoops Premium Hangers
1 x 19/20 Prizm Retail
1 x 19/20 Contenders Optic Tmall
1 x 19/20 Chronicles Blaster
1 x 19/20 Hoops Premium Blaster
1 x 20/21 Hoops Tmall Box
1 x 20/21 Donruss Tmall Box
1 x 20/21 Contenders Blaster
1 x 20/21 Prizm Tmall
1 x 20/21 Revolution Hobby

There will also be an additional 2 Trick Or Treat Repack Boxes given away via Spinny Wheel, these boxes are exactly whats in the name, it's either something Huge! or Something Meh! But we've gone HUGE on the HUGE side.

During the stream for every 100 Tier 1 or Gifted Teir 1 Subs we receive we will throw in an additional Trick or Treat Repack!! There will be some Sub Teir Levels for this Break too so should be fun!!

25 Subs - Lurch will Eat Worlds Most Sour Lollie

50 Subs - Lurch will Break a Box

75 Subs - Jamie will Eat Worlds Hottest Corn Chip

100 Subs - Additional Trick Or Treat Repack Box Added to Break

125 Subs - Jamie and Lurch will Skull a Beer

150 Subs - Fireball Shot

175 Subs - Lurch will eat a Raw Mushroom (Most Hated Food)

200 Subs - Additional Trick or Treat Repack Box Added to Break

We stream on Twitch TV

Break time will be allocated once names and teams have been run in our Facebook Group Blunt Breaks Basketball. Small Trade period will be allowed.


Trick or Treat Repacks will be available for purchase LIVE after the break once the others have been selected and opened for $500 AUD EACH